My Babysitting service

As well as daily Childminding I also offer a babysitting service, or ‘Child sitting’ as the children prefer to call it.

I have noticed when looking at other babysitting services the extortionate rate that some babysitters charge families. Yes, of course I want to earn some money, but it must be realistic. How can parents afford an evening out when paying a babysitter up to £10 an hour?

Yes I am an experienced childcare practitioner with many years of experience caring for children in different situations but this is ‘child sitting.’ The role involves what it says, sitting in someone else’s home making sure their children are kept safe, usually whilst they are sleeping. I do not expect to come armed with activities to entertain the children and neither do the parents expect this. I usually come with a bag full of work that I can get on with in relaxed and quiet environment.

I think my rate of £6 an hour is a fair amount to charge, especially  if I am just required to do the above. This amount would increase to £7 for the following reasons : if it is an early babysit and the children require more ‘entertaining’; If a baby needs putting to bed; if I have to drive out of my local area and finally if I am required to sit after midnight.

I hope that by keeping my rates at a sensible amount more parents are able to have some child free time together at an affordable price.