Activities and play


After a day at school or during the holidays children want to unwind, relax and have fun. Activities include crafts, colouring, Wii, cutting and sticking, puzzles, board games, Lego, sewing, dolls, cars, painting, dough, cooking, Lending library, construction, music, musical instruments, TV time and lots more!
The children have access to the computer – with parents’ permission; access to the internet is supervised at all times. I also have a vast collection of books which is being added to all the time, I have a lending library where the children can borrow books and DVD’s.

I believe in lots of fresh air and outside play, so weather permitting and if the children choose to, we have a large back garden with numerous outdoor toys including bats and balls, chalks, water play and gardening equipment. If they like to spend time with animals there are plenty here to choose from!
On Inset days and during the holidays we have regular outings to the beach, woods, local parks, farms and playgrounds.

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