After school care (3-6pm)

£5.50 per hour. All snacks and drinks are included in fees.

Inset days and school holidays ( 8.45am – 5.30pm)

£35 full day / £4.50 per hour

£5 3 hours and under

All food and drinks are included in these fees.

I calculate my fees to cover expenses such as food, drinks, electricity, petrol, insurance, safety equipment, arts and crafts resources, toys and equipment and any further training. My income is any money left over!

Your specific rates will be outlined in your contract, all fees are due monthly in advance, e.g. on the first contracted day of care by cheque, cash, online banking or childcare vouchers.

An invoice will be sent to you when fees are due. Please try to pay on time – I am running a business and your childcare and other parents childcare will be at risk if I don’t get paid on time.

My babysitting fee is between £6 – £7 per hour, depending on start time, needs and requirements of the children and how far I will have to travel.

Parent/child sickness   Full fee
 Parents holiday/days off/School closures/Inset days   Full fee
 Childminder sickness   No fee
 Childminder holiday/occasional day off   No fee

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