After school care (3-6pm)

£5.50 per hour. All food and drinks are included in fees.

Nannying fee

£10 per hour

Babysitting fee

£8 per hour

I calculate my fees to cover expenses such as food, drinks, electricity, petrol, insurance, safety equipment, arts and crafts resources, toys and equipment and any further training. My income is any money left over!

Fees for Childminding and Nannying can be paid weekly or monthly. An invoice will be sent to you around the 25th of each month when fees are due. Fees can be paid in any of the following ways: – by cheque, cash, online banking or childcare vouchers.

Please try to pay on time – I am running a business and your childcare and other parent’s childcare will be at risk if I don’t get paid on time. If fees are not paid on time, with no explanation from you, I may be forced to charge a late payment fee.

For after school care I charge from 3pm which is when I start work. Please note that I charge half hourly. E.g. if your collection time is 5.15pm you will be charged until 5.30pm.

If you arrive 15 minutes later than your agreed pick up time you may be charged extra for this. That extra time is likely to include further drinks, snacks and use of resources.

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