Food and nutrition

Each day around 4.30pm we sit at the table for snacks and drinks.
The children are very involved in this activity from setting the table to making the drinks and preparing the food.
An example of some of the snacks that we have together would be crumpets, bagels, wraps, toast with various toppings, Pancakes, Pitta pizzas, Pitta bread with Hummus and a selection of vegetables to dip. Sometimes we might have some homemade cake or biscuits following on from that day’s cooking activity or if we are celebrating someone’s birthday.
A selection of fruit is always available.
I am a vegetarian so any food that I provide will be fish/meat free.
Water, fresh juice and diluted juice are available to the children at all times.
We have a small vegetable patch in the garden and the children can be involved in growing and looking after vegetables, salads etc. When in season we pick these for snack time, in doing this they learn where some of their food comes from.
We have chickens and the children really enjoy collecting fresh eggs each day.
Unless it is a special occasion, birthday, party, I do not give sweets or chocolate to children in my care, and will always try to promote healthy eating.
I am happy to provide for children with special dietary needs with instruction from you.
I will discuss with you your child’s individual nutritional needs.
Food allergies and cultural requirements will be noted in your child’s file and will be adhered to at all times. If there is an outbreak of food poisoning affecting two or more children looked after on my premises I will notify Ofsted as soon as possible but definitely within 14 days of the incident occurring in order to comply with regulations.

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